Oath is the story of two young women from very different worlds; Runa, the adventurous daughter of a viking shield-maiden, and Maylin, an anti-social genius and starship pilot from the future.

In the first issue, Runa struggles with her family burdens several years after her mother's death. Rumors of a monster lurking near the village get her looking for trouble. Meanwhile, Maylin is fleeing with her childhood robot Pip through a land of ancient monsters. Unfortunately, there's no time to study them, Maylin's pursuers are hot on her trail!

The idea of Oath is to explore people, culture, and human nature; all while set in a world of forgotten things or what I lovingly call, the junk drawer of the universe. Our heroes will fall through the cracks in the universe into this lost land and encounter prehistoric creatures, diverse civilizations from across time, and individuals with futuristic powers.

If you like vikings, dinosaurs, aliens, or time travel give Oath a read!